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Well, music games have always had a strange attraction. The attraction is not in the complexity of the gameplay or the perfect characters like RPG games, but in the simplicity, the rustic, and the focus on the melody, which can make any heart flutter. And Arcaea MOD APK is one of those lovely pure music games that I wanna introduce to you.


The story is about two young girls wandering in a cruel world. In the game, you choose for yourself a character and begin your adventure in the half-dark, half-hopeful world of Arcaea. Arcaea is the melodies of the past. By finding them and connecting them properly, two girls can go back in time to save the world from the ravages of the darkness’ forces.

Of course, the main context still revolves around the battle between justice and evil. But it’s also a battle in the background of modern electronic music and melodies. To know about How to Unlock Songs In Arcaea check the blog that will make you pro at the game.


The gameplay is as simple and basic as many other music games. There are many levels and quests. Every time the work comes, you will just enjoy the beautiful melody and images. Let’s touch, hold, slide your hand on the screen following the rhythm to complete the quests.

But the unique feature is that the levels in Arcaea are so challenging. Why? Because the music that pops up is constantly changing fast and slow erratically and alternatingly with each other, making it hard for the player to play. And the long, short, high, and low vocal ranges in the song are always changing. To catch them at higher levels, you need to combine many skills. In short, it will challenge you so much, so the adrenaline keeps going up and up.

Well, you are free to choose the song you like, at any time. At the same time, when passing important stages, it will automatically unlock a new song. There are three difficulty levels in each melody. You can choose one from them to play, based on your inspiration and abilities.

Secrets to pass the levels

As I mentioned above, the unique feature of Arcaea is the inconsistency between the melody, the long and short tones, and the speed in the same song. So, prepare mentally to accept all the “erratic” when playing this music game. To make the most out of this game you can check “How to get memories in Arcaea” to have more fun.

Remember to pay attention to the images representing different long and short sounds. It will help you to slide your fingers on the screen correctly. The secret here is fast eyes, sensitive reflexes, and reasonable control fingers. Having all of them will help you do it well without missing any music notes.

A great collection of attractive songs

In Arcaea, there are more than 160 songs from famous artists around the world, most of which are in the electronic music genre. If you love music games and want to jump with exciting melodies, you will be like a fish in water when playing Arcaea. Check more about the game on Google Play Store.

The harmony over many contradictions

All images in Arcaea are full of Japanese Manga, but the entire display language is in English. No need to be confused if you are not a Japanese gamer.

The anime design in Arcaea is in a romantic style, soaring like a fairy tale. The story itself is full of epics and legends. In front of your eyes is a strange world full of magic, but all the music is modern electronic music with vibrant, fast-paced tunes. This mix once again brings strange excitement to players.

The contradiction once again occurs when entering the game. The unpredictable melody and rhythm are fast and slow, which will make your mind and senses open to the fullest, thereby opening your mind and broadening your vision. Very useful to bring a cheerful, energetic mood after hours of working.

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