How to Unlock Songs In Arcaea

Every song in the Arcaea pack is accessible for free, either from a World Mode unlock or just by spending Fragments. Spending money can help get these faster, but there’s not really much point. Songs from other packs require you to spend—there is no free way to unlock them, period. Memory Archive songs are $1 singles. But the good new is that you are getting to know how to get them for free. For that first you have to read through the content below.

An Introduction to Arcaea

Archaea is a popular music game for android devices with tons of fantastic songs. It gives you access to a lot of music while playing the game in a rhythm. You also get a brand new three-dimensional gameplay along with top-notch features. Enter the fantastic world of music and start your career online within a few clicks of the game. You can access all the game’s songs and themes anytime and anywhere in just a few mins. Experience a brand new RPG and music gameplay that you have never seen before. Moreover, you can have a look at its stats.

The game has recently completed a milestone of more than a million-plus registered players and downloads globally on the Play Store and top rankings in the music game category.

Moreover, many of its players also requested a different mod version, with Unlimited Memories and download all paid songs free so we provide the Arcaea MOD APK.

Over 160 songs from more than 100 artists famous across other games

The game has 160+ songs picked from other games with 100+ artists, and thus, your music library is full on the game. You have complete access to all these songs once you complete levels in the gameplay modes. Moreover, you can even download and take them offline easily.

An expanding music library through content updates

Your music library in the game will keep on expanding as you keep on Progressing and updating the game. Moreover, each week, many more songs from artists are added to make it more fun and enjoyable.

Three rhythm difficulty levels for every song

Each song you get has more than three difficulty levels which can be used. All of these levels are more difficult than others and rewards you considerably for winning. So make sure to attend and complete all these to get your hand on it. Check more about the game on Google Play Store.

How to get Songs in Arcaea

Well, you don’t have to do much except for following the link which will take you directly to the page where you can download Arcaea Mod Apk that will give you unlocked songs modification.

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