Rope Hero MOD APK v3.3.2 (Unlimited Money+Free Skill)

Welcome to the city of heroes. Your stylish hero in a protective SCI-FI suit is ready to act. A third-person action game is waiting for you in a big city. The game space is full of dangerous and exciting adventures. Dive into the open 3D world with your hero and fight with gangsters. You have to act in the modern metropolis. The city map is open from the start, so you can walk anywhere in the city. The city hides a huge number of secrets and mini-games.

Explore the urban jungle, discover interesting places for yourself and find out what is happening there. For example, at a military base, you can get yourself ammo, weapons, a first aid kit, or unique military equipment. The game features cool guns, beautiful cars, realistic physics, and more. To fight the bandits, your man will have superpowers. It’s time to become a superhero. It’s time to become stronger, faster, and bolder.

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